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10 Tips on How to Wash a Beanie Baby

Beanie Babies have been extremely popular over the years. After all, what’s not to like? They’re colorful, have cutesy names, and invoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding collectors of simpler times and cherished memories.

But for these adorable toys to continue doing so, proper care is essential.

This aspect becomes even more crucial if you buy Beanie Babies as collectibles. With that in mind, let’s go over the 10 most valuable tips on how to wash a Beanie Baby to ensure its longevity and preserve its value.

10 Tips on How to Wash a Beanie Baby

How to Wash a Beanie Baby

When learning how to wash a Beanie Baby, you’ll quickly see there are lots of dos and a few crucial don’ts. You’ll also see that these might differ, depending on whether you’re collecting Beanie Babies or using them for their “primary” purpose – as toys.

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1. Wash Your Beanie Baby Manually

Most stuffed toys can be washed in a washing machine. However, this only applies to a Beanie Baby that’s older, used for playing, and without its precious tag. If your Beanie Baby fits the description, feel free to toss it into your washing machine.

If, however, you want to preserve the integrity of your Beanie Baby (and its tag), you’ll want to stay as far away from the washing machine as possible. The same goes for the dishwasher.

So, what option do you have left? Hand-washing, of course!

Cleaning your Beanie Baby by hand will help you preserve its unique texture and protect it from damage. But even when washing your Beanie Baby manually, be gentle. There’s no need to rub it hard or submerge it under water. Some soap and water and gentle surface cleaning will be enough in most cases.

2. Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Products

Let’s say your Beanie Baby has some stubborn stains. You might get tempted to use stronger cleaning products to get rid of them. But this is a big no-no for Beanie Babies. When cleaning Beanie Babies, avoid using bleach of any type, Lysol cleaning wipes, and other harsh chemicals. These can only lead to discoloration or completely ruin your toy.

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That’s why you should also avoid having your Beanie Babies dry-cleaned. Regular dry cleaners will typically use harsh detergents that are anything but plush-friendly.

3. Use a Stain Remover for Stubborn Stains

OK, you can’t use harsh chemicals for stubborn stains. So, how can you tackle those pesky stains ruining the appearance of your Beanie Baby? The answer is simple – use a stain remover. The manufacturer recommends using the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover to address these problems. You only need to gently rub this pen over the tarnished area and use a wet cloth to lift the stain.

4. Use Baby Wipes for Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the way to go if your Beanie Baby only needs a slight refresh. You can use baby wipes or a cold cloth for this purpose. A few dabs with either should usually do the trick.

5. Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

If you’d like a cleaning solution that’s just the right intensity for your Beanie Baby, you might need to make it yourself. You’ll only need two ingredients – dish soap and warm water. Optionally, you can pour this DIY cleaning solution into an empty spray bottle to make it easier to apply. Best of all? This solution is safe for most cloth surfaces, so you can use it beyond cleaning your Beanie Babies.

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6. Use Baking Soda for Greasy Stains

If your Beanie Babies are used for playing, they’ll likely be exposed to everything from drink spills to greasy fingers. You’ll need to get creative for the latter, as greasy stains can be tricky to remove from plush toys.

Luckily, a common kitchen staple can come to your rescue – baking soda. Apply a small amount of baking soda to the stain and leave it to absorb the oil. Afterward, spot-clean the affected area using a damp cloth.

7. Vacuum Before Cleaning

If your Beanie Babies have gone outside, they’ll likely be covered in sand, dirt, and other debris. So, before cleaning them with the abovementioned methods, use a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose particles.

What’s more, this can be an excellent place to start, even if you keep your Beanie Babies strictly indoors. Sometimes, gently vacuuming the toy will be all the cleaning it’ll need.

8. Protect the Tag Before Cleaning

OK, this is not a tip on washing your Beanie Baby per se. However, this step is crucial for any avid collector. After all, without the tag, your Beanie Baby loses a significant portion of its collectible value.

So, before cleaning your Beanie Baby (with any method), protect its tag. You can do so by purchasing a plastic tag cover explicitly designed for this purpose. For a DIY alternative, just use plastic wrap.

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9. Wash Your Beanie Baby Only When Dirty

There’s no need to wash your Beanie Babes regularly. In fact, this can be counterproductive to their longevity. So, only wash them when absolutely necessary (e.g., there’s a stain on them).

10. Air-Dry After Cleaning

Regardless of how you clean your Beanie Baby, one thing remains the same – you should air-dry it. Sticking it in a dryer will probably damage your toy, as the heat is too harsh for its delicate fabric and stuffing. Sure, this will take more time (sometimes up to 12 hours), but it will also preserve the quality and appearance of your Beanie Babies for longer.

Washing Beanie Babies Like a Pro

Follow the tips on how to wash a Beanie Baby from this guide, and you’ll ensure your beloved toys (or collectibles) stay in top-notch condition for years to come. If your collection ignites your love for all things beanie, consider getting personalized beanies from Custom Beanies Now and experience the warmth of your Beanie Babies on the go.

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