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How to Wear a Carhartt Beanie for Guys in Summer

Carhartt, an apparel company with a long history, prides itself on its heavy-duty working clothes. In the 1980s, the company started manufacturing knit caps, popularly known as beanies, and saw near-instant success.

Though these products showed Carhartt could diversify successfully, the caps shared some of the same qualities of the brand’s heavy-duty outwear – impressive durability and unparalleled protection. That’s what makes Carhartt beanies the perfect choice for the winter.

But what about summer? Can you pull off a Carhartt beanie in the summer without getting too hot or looking out of place?

You absolutely can! You just need to learn what beanie to wear, where to wear it, and how to style it. And that’s precisely what this guide will teach you. Keep reading to learn how to wear a Carhartt beanie in the summer.

How to Wear a Carhartt Beanie for Guys in Summer

How to Wear a Carhartt Beanie in the Summer

When you hear the word “beanie,” images of cold weather and cozy caps are usually the first things to come to mind. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wear this handy accessory in the summer. That’s great news for anyone who wants to power through bad hair days, protect their head from the sun, or be ready for the temperatures to drop in the evening.

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Without further ado, here are a few tips on how to wear a Carhartt beanie in the summer.

1. Choose the Right Fabric

Since most Carhartt beanies are made to keep your head warm, you won’t find lightweight fabrics like linen in the brand’s offering. Still, do yourself a massive favor by steering clear of the brand’s insulated beanies with thick lining when outside temperatures rise. The brand’s standard knit beanie is arguably the most summer-friendly option and shouldn’t make you sweat during hot days.

2. Go for the Right Style

Overly structured beanies will trap more heat, making your head warm and cozy. Since this sensation is what you want to avoid in the summer, go for a slouchier style of Carhartt beanie. These beanies will allow your head to breathe and prevent overheating.

3. Be Mindful About the Design

To pull off a Carhartt beanie (or any beanie, for that matter) in the summer, you must choose its design carefully. Imagine showing up to a fun outdoor gathering in August wearing a beanie with graphic snowflakes or a pom-pom on top. Talk about being out of season!

To rock a beanie in the summer, go for a more summer-appropriate style. Unfortunately, Carhartt doesn’t offer beanies with tropical prints and beachy vibes. However, you can always go for a beanie in a lighter color, like the brand’s Heather Grey hue, or earthy tones like Basil.

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4. Think About the Occasion

By now, it should be clear that you can absolutely wear a Carhartt beanie in the summer. But this doesn’t mean you should wear it to every single occasion.

Though there are no strict rules on when it’s appropriate to wear a beanie, you can think of it this way – avoid wearing it to any occasion where it might look dramatically out of place. This includes events like a beach day with your friends, a summer wedding, and an outdoor gym.

So, what does this leave you with?

You can always wear a summer-friendly beanie when taking a cool evening stroll, to a casual outdoor gathering, and other relaxed settings where a laid-back and comfortable style is welcomed.

5. Pair the Beanie With the Right Clothing

Imagine this – you put on your tank top, board shorts, and flip flops, and top it off with…a beanie? It’s not exactly a match made in (fashion) heaven. To avoid looking ridiculously out of place, you must be extra careful what you pair your Carhartt beanie with.

Generally, avoid pairing it with clothes that expose too much skin. This way, you can maintain a somewhat seasonally appropriate look.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you must wear a sweater, trousers, and boots and sweat profusely. It just means to avoid creating a stark contrast between your clothes and your beanie.

A great way to do this is by layering some lightweight and airy clothing to create a balanced look. If it’s not too hot, you can wear a casual button-up or a light sweater to complement your beanie. This way, you’ll create a cohesive look without sacrificing your comfort.

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6. Pair the Beanie With the Right Accessories

There’s something unbelievably cool about a beanie-sunglasses pairing. Plus, in the summer, this pairing can help you draw attention away from the beanie, making it look summer-appropriate with virtually any outfit.

Alternatives to Carhartt Beanies

Follow the tips from this guide on how to wear a Carhartt beanie in the summer, and you’ll never feel awkward or sweat profusely while doing so. However, as you might’ve noticed, Carhartt isn’t exactly known for a rich beanie selection.

In fact, you have only a few men’s and a few unisex beanies to choose from. There are no lightweight materials, summer-appropriate prints, or diverse color options. This only makes finding an appropriate style for the summer more challenging.

But hey, who says you need to stick to Carhartt beanies only?

Create custom beanies with Custom Beanies Now, and you’ll get access to beanies of the same quality but in a wide variety of fabrics, styles, and designs. Your perfect summer beanie is just a few clicks away.

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