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What Are Beanie Hats: 7 Different Types of Beanies Revealed!

Are you looking to add an awesome new look to your wardrobe? You can’t go wrong with beanies. These accessories enhance your “cool” factor while keeping you warm on a chilly winter day. But what are beanie hats?

Read on to discover the meaning of beanies and the seven different types available.

What Are Beanie Hats: 7 Different Types of Beanies Revealed!

What Are Beanie Hats?

A beanie is a snug-fitting hat made of wool, cotton, or various blends. The name comes from the 1900s when people sometimes referred to heads as beans. The earliest documented use dates back to 1905 with “beanball,” which means a ball hurled at someone’s head.

Another explanation for the name may come from the tiny bean-sized button that held together panels that were common in beanies in the 1900s.

What Are the Different Types of Beanies?

Here are the seven most common types of beanies:

Slouched Beanie

Kicking off the list is the classic, slouched beanie featuring an oversized design to cover the back of your neck and ears. It has a slight peak on top of the head, and you can fold the edges into a cuff for a sharper look.

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But generally, most people wear these beanies without cuffs. Instead, it sits far back on your head, where the peak slouches a bit toward your back, which is where the “slouched” moniker comes from.

Fisherman Beanie

A fisherman beanie (or cuffed beanie) is one of the most popular beanies of all time. Unlike slouched beanies, these usually have cuffs by design. In fact, the manufacturers stitch the cuffs to the rest of the cap to keep them in place. People generally wear fisherman beanies close to their heads, with the cuffs typically sitting above the ears.

Skull Beanie

A “skully” (short for skull beanie) is similar to fisherman beanies but fits even tighter to the skull, hence the name. What sets it apart from fisherman caps is that it doesn’t have cuffs and peaks. It doesn’t even have slouches, making it the most basic type of beanie. The only way to add character to them is to stitch a logo to the front or sides.

Toddler fiercely looking at camera with a beautiful yellow beanie with puffy ears

Peaked Beanie

A peaked or high-top beanie is longer than most other types of beanies and usually rises upward instead of sloping down. Once you wear one of these, you’ll feel like wearing a conehead, but in a good way. In some cases, they can make you feel 4 to 5 inches taller and are ultra-thick to protect your head in freezing weather.

Bobble Beanie

Bobble beanies (also known as bobble hats, ski hats, and pom-pom caps) are beanies with a perky, frizzy yarn ball that sits on top of the head. Some records show that people wore pom-pom caps in medieval times, but this doesn’t mean they’re old-fashioned. On the contrary, they seem to be ever-trendier as years go by.

Ribbed Beanie

Ribbed beanies feature a ribbed knitting pattern and have a unique texture that adds a new dimension to your appearance. Most manufacturers make these beanies using wool, so they’re typically the go-to option to keep you nice and toasty.

Ear-Flap Beanie

If you live in a windy region, ear-flap beanies are a great option. The flaps keep your ears warm with ties that let you fasten your beanie. Not only that, but these beanies are super cool and funky.

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Where to Find Stunning Custom-Made Beanies

Now that you’re familiar with the different kinds of beanies, all that remains is to find a reputable provider of these garments. But you don’t want just any run-of-the-mill product – you need a unique beanie to make heads turn.

Meet Custom Beanies Now – where you can order tailor-made beanies in various styles. Here’s how to get started buying incredible customized beanies:

  1. Go to the Custom Beanies Now website.
  2. Choose the desired beanie style. In addition to the seven options listed above, you can consider many other styles, including imitation hair beanies, polyester beanies, and acrylic beanies.
  3. Type in how many beanies you want to order in the “Quantity” box.
  4. Head to the “Customization” box.
  5. Pick a color for your beanie. Some popular shades are neon green, dark gray, yellow, cyan, and navy blue.
  6. Select a printing option. Many people go for embroidered or leather patches, but you can also pick a woven label, printed patch, chenille patch, and PVC patch, among other options.
  7. Type in the message you want your beanie to show or upload the artwork from your computer. Supported formats include JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
  8. Choose your font style (e.g., decker, college, arial black, and berlin sans fb), the number of imprint colors (one color to full imprint color), and whether you want a separate polybag for each beanie.
  9. Provide any special requests in “Additional Instructions,” select your delivery date, press “Add to Cart,” and type in your payment information.
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Why Choose Custom Beanies Now?

Here’s why you should rely on Custom Beanies Now for your tailor-made beanies:

  • Easy customization – You can customize your beanie straight from your smartphone or computer.
  • Bulk orders – Custom Beanie Now can send hundreds of beanies, making it perfect for bulk orders.
  • Secure payments – The website has an encrypted payment solution to protect your investment.


What are beanies made of?

Beanies are made of wool, cashmere, acrylic, rabbit hair, or a combination of materials.

How do I choose the right beanie?

Consider the shape of your face to find a suitable beanie. For example, if you have a round face, you can achieve an elongated appearance with bobble and ribbed beanies. In contrast, those with long, narrow faces will look great in fisherman beanies with large cuffs.

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