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How to Style a Beanie With Long Hair

Beanies are cozy and versatile pieces of headwear. They’re perfect for those cold winter days and vital for anyone living in places with frosty conditions throughout the year. But wearing any hat – including a beanie – can be tricky if you’ve got long hair.

Here’s a guide on how to style a beanie with long hair.

How to Style a Beanie With Long Hair

The Challenges of Styling a Beanie With Long Hair

Before you dig into the details of how to style a beanie, it’s worth taking a moment to address some of the challenges that people with long hair face when wearing hats:

  • Kinks: A big issue when wearing hats on long hair is that it can start to kink. This is common with hats that are quite tight or if you have coat or shirt collars forcing your hair in different directions.
  • Tangles: Even worse than kinks, tangles can also result from wearing a hat incorrectly over long hair. And those tangles can be awkward and painful to brush out.
  • Wrecked Styles: If you’ve put in the effort to style your hair, the last thing you want is to ruin it. Unfortunately, hats often flatten long hair, leaving it a mess.
  • Wet and Dry Hair: Another issue for folks with long hair is that on rainy days, part of their hair stays dry under the hat while the rest gets wet.
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How to Style a Beanie Leaving Your Hair Down

When it comes to how to style a beanie with long hair, this is the most straightforward method of all. To do this:

  1. Let your hair fall naturally on either side of your face.
  2. Place the beanie on top of your head.

That’s it. It’s as simple as that, with the beaning covering some of your hair and the rest flowing around your neck and shoulders.

Here are a few pointers to make this look work:

  • Pick a cuffless beanie. That’ll prevent it from clamping your hair around your head, reducing the risk of kinks.
  • Wear the hat high on your forehead, giving your long hair space to flow and fall naturally.
  • Ensure your hair is nice and dry before putting the beanie on – that’ll prevent tangles.
  • Consider a central part so you have even amounts of hair on either side of the hat.

While this is an easy method, it has a couple of downsides. Firstly, any hair left out of the beanie is at risk of getting wet in the rain. Secondly, if you’re wearing a coat, jacket, or anything else with a collar, there’s a risk that your hair will kink where it leaves the beanie.

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How to Style a Beanie by Putting Your Hair Up

If leaving your hair down doesn’t work for you, and you’re still wondering how to style a beanie, you can try putting your hair up in a bun. This has a few big advantages. For example, it’ll keep all your hair dry and protected, as it’ll all be under the beanie. Plus, it’s a pretty simple method that anyone can do, regardless of hair type or length.

  1. Brush your hair before starting.
  2. Pull the hair back and collect it in one hand.
  3. Using the other hand, wrap a hair tie or bungee around the hair, curling it round to form the bun shape.
  4. Place the beanie over the top, making sure the bun is completely covered.

Here are a couple of bonus tips to get the most from this method:

  • Position the bun just right. Don t have it too high or too low.
  • Consider using some bobby pins to secure your bun in place.
  • Try a quick spritz of hair spray to keep your bun in position.

While this method has its benefits, there are also a couple of drawbacks. Tying up your hair can make it get a little knotty if you’re not careful. And it may be a little curly and kinky when you undo the bun later.

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How to Style a Beanie With Braids, Ponytails, and Other Styles

Lastly, if you’re still searching for how to style a beanie and you want something that’s a little more intricate, you can braid or create low ponytails (or similar styles) to tame your long mane. This helps you keep your hair out of your face while also giving it a unique flair to go along with your beanie.

  1. Brush or comb your hair.
  2. Form braids, low ponytails or pigtails, side buns, or whichever style suits you best.
  3. Tuck the beanie over the top of your head, letting the braid or ponytail flow out underneath.

This method of how to style a beanie takes the most effort but can produce the best results.

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