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How to Make a Beanie Crochet for Beginners

If you’re new to the art of crochet, making your own beanie is an ideal project to put your skills to the test. It’s relatively simple, and you get to enjoy a cozy, warm hat at the end as a reward for all your hard work.

This guide will cover exactly how to make a beanie crochet, step by step.

How to Make a Beanie Crochet for Beginners

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Before looking at the actual steps and stitches of how to make a beanie crochet, you’ll first need to gather the essential tools and supplies. Fortunately, this project doesn’t require too much in terms of equipment. In fact, you’ll only need a few simple things to get started:

  • A skein of yarn of medium weight
  • A 5-millimeter crochet hook (size H)
  • Some small scissors for cutting the yarn

Step 2: Head Measuring

You also need to think about your beanie recipient. Is it for yourself? Or perhaps you’re planning to gift it to a friend or family member? In either case, you need to make sure your beanie is the right size to fit on the wearer’s head comfortably.

Ideally, you’ll want to measure the head in question to get the most accurate reading. Start the measurement from the space between their eyebrows to the top of their head to work out the height of the beanie. Also, measure all the way around the person’s head to get a circumference.

If you’re unsure or unable to measure the wearer’s head accurately, you can also use the following reference list as a guide:

  • Preemie: Diameter - 3-3.5 inches, Circumference - 11-12 inches
  • Newborn: Diameter - 3.5-4 inches, Circumference - 12-13 inches
  • 3 to 6 Months: Diameter - 4.5-5 inches, Circumference - 13-14 inches
  • 6 Months to 1 Year: Diameter - 5-5.5 inches, Circumference - 14-16 inches
  • Toddler: Diameter - 5.5-6 inches, Circumference - 16-17 inches
  • Child: Diameter - 6-6.5 inches, Circumference - 17-19 inches
  • Teen: Diameter - 6.5-7 inches, Circumference - 19-20 inches
  • Adult Woman: Diameter - 7-7.25 inches, Circumference - 21-22 inches
  • Adult Man: Diameter - 7.25-7.5 inches, Circumference - 22-23 inches
Black knitting wool hats and sunglasses on white

Step 3: The Magic Circle

With your supplies gathered and size selected, the next step of how to make a beanie crochet is to form a magic circle. If you’ve already done some crochet work in the past, you might already know what this involves. If not, or if you need a reminder, here are the steps to form a magic circle:

  1. Lay some yarn over the first two fingers of your non-dominant hand, with the back of your hand and the end of the yarn facing you.
  2. Take the other end of the yarn and wrap it around your fingers.
  3. Curve the new piece of yarn behind the original section to make an X shape.
  4. Pass your crochet hook under the first piece of yarn.
  5. Loop the yarn over the crochet hook – this is called a yarn over.
  6. Bring the loop back down below the first yarn piece.
  7. Return to the other piece of yarn, pick it up with your hook, and take it through the loop you made earlier.
  8. Pull it through, forming a new loop – that’s your magic circle formed and ready to go.

Step 4: Forming the Crown

Step four of how to make a beanie crochet is to start building out your beanie, expanding the crown from your initial magic circle:

  1. Chain two stitches to start your first row, with seven half double crochets in the ring to complete it.
  2. Close the row using a slip stitch to join the final stitch with its first stitch.
  3. Finish with a yarn over, and then pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook.

After that, you simply need to chain two stitches to start each new row. Do a pair of half double crochet stitches for each stitch, and complete the row as you did before, with the slip stitch through the first stitch of each row. This will add eight new stitches and a full row each time. Repeat as needed until the crown is as big as it needs to be.

Beautiful beanie mockup

Step 5: Crocheting the Sides

Once your crown is complete, the next stage is creating the sides. The process is pretty similar to the crown. The only difference is that you need to do just one half-double crochet in each stitch. Then, keep adding rows as you did before.

To finish off the bottom of your beanie, do a slip stitch along the edge. Then, cut the yarn to leave a tail around 5 inches long and pull that through your loop. Weave it neatly back into the back of the hat.

If you made it this far, congratulations! You’ve learned how to make a beanie crochet and successfully crafted your first beanie.

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